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Photos in the Time of Corona


A group member's online exhibition

Exhibition: April 2 - May 31, 2020

​Open to the Public - Free to Attend

ViewPoint Gallery is not open because of the current global pandemic.  Although the physical gallery is closed, ViewPoint has chosen to create a virtual gallery. 


The exhibit’s title was inspired by the novel, Love in the Time of Cholera, by the Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Photos in the Time of Corona features the work of 14 ViewPoint members, all with diverse styles and perspectives.  The exhibitors, are Anne Bastedo, Eric Boutilier-Brown, Colin Chase, Michael Clutson, Ford Doolittle, Lynn Ellis, Kathleen Flanagan, Terry Humphries, Rick Lane, Sandy Leim, Allan Neilsen, Roxanne Smith, Curtis Steele, and Doug van Hemessen.  The photos reflect the wide range of emotions, thoughts, and hopes of the artists in these very strange and unusual times




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ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition 2019

May 2020

Requiem pour pianos

Roman Thiery


Artist’s Statement

What is it about the piano that evokes such nostalgia and strong emotions within us, even after centuries as a household instrument ? It must be said that music instruments are, for us, forever beautiful, almost destified. 


In a mess that leads us to ask ourselves a hundred questions, a dust-covered piano is erected and its nobleness is striking, its grandeur lies deep within the basics of our culture. The art of the photographer is to show us this arrogant beauty that relegates everything else to the background. 


Above all, Romain Thiery has understood that everything but a grand piano can be taken. The inhabitants left and took with them their belongings, and probably their furniture as well. What he wants to show is the importance and the weight of social codes: what better then than an instrument made of two-hundred and fifty kilograms of cast iron delicately set with precious wood? Is the piano an object or a tool?


Artist’s Bio
Romain Thiery, a native of France who lives in Montpellier, is a self-taught professional photographer, born on July 4 1988. Romain is an amateur piano player starting learning piano at the age of 5. Starting photography 10 years ago, that hobby turned into a passion and, eventually, a profession the day he found a forgotten piano in an abandoned castle in south of France.

Romain Thiery believes the piano to be, in his own words, « deeply rooted in the depths of our culture » and sought to explore the instrument from an original angle. He made his life’s mission to combine his two biggest passions and set out to find abandoned mansions around Europe where old pianos had been left behind. The series that emerged from Thiery’s work is called « Requiem pour pianos » and has catapulted the photographer name into notoriety among tastemakers and art connoisseurs around the world.

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