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Gallery Membership

ViewPoint Gallery is an artist-run gallery inspiring, engaging, educating, and promoting the art of photography.

Photographers interested in joining ViewPoint Gallery may submit a portfolio for consideration year round.


  • Show your work in a well established photography gallery

  • Professional exhibition space

  • Store-front location at 1475 Bedford Highway

  • Retail sales opportunities for cards, books, framed and unframed prints, etc. with no sales commission

  • Credit and Debit card service

  • Mount solo exhibitions and participate in group exhibitions

  • Exhibit new work monthly

  • Online artist profile on the ViewPoint Gallery website with a link to your personal website

  • Participate in Gallery submissions to Nova Scotia Art Bank, and other venues

  • Attend member only workshops and creative gatherings

  • Participate in local arts festivals such as Nocturne and Photopolis

  • Professional status for wholesale purchasing and discounts at various suppliers

  • Voting privileges and share ownership

  • Co-operative relationship with other galleries

  • Membership in Visual Arts Nova Scotia

  • Use of iMac with Photoshop, 24" wide photo printer, mat cutter

  • Opportunity to learn gallery administration, public relations, installation, curating, grant writing, arts programming    

An emerging or practicing photographer demonstrating technical skill and proficiency in production and presentation of images in one or more photo based media.

Demonstrated ability to present a body of work that conveys/expresses a coherent point of view or artistic sentiment.

Interest in participating actively in the spirit and operation of the co-operative is an essential component of being a Gallery member.

There are four juried membership categories for ViewPoint Gallery:

Exhibiting Members may exhibit work on a monthly basis in the Gallery and may have unframed prints for sale, in addition to cards and books. They also may also have print portfolios available for viewing in the Gallery. Exhibiting members may submit proposals for solo shows. Exhibiting members have an obligation to staff the Gallery once a month and may vote at the AGM, sit on the Board, and participate in committees.

Student Members/Emerging Artists are full time registered students (high school or post-secondary), or have graduated within the last three years from an accredited program or photography program at a recognized college or university. An Emerging Artist cannot have previously been a Student Member. Student/Emerging members have all the same privileges as a Exhibiting Member, however those under the age of 18 are not required to staff the Gallery.

After the first year (the first year after graduation for students), fees will be increased annually over two years until the fee is equal to that of an Exhibiting Membership, at which point the membership shifts to be an Exhibiting Member. 

Out of Town Members have their main residence outside of Halifax Regional Municipality. Out of Town members may have unframed prints for sale, in addition to cards and books. They also may also have print portfolios available for viewing in the Gallery. Out of Town members may participate in Gallery member group shows, but have the obligation to staff the Gallery as usual during the exhibition (but do not hang work on a monthly basis in Gallery B). Out of town members may submit proposals for solo shows. Out of Town members may vote at the AGM, sit on the board, and participate in committees. (special note: members who live out of town may opt to be an Exhibiting Member, if they wish to exhibit monthly, and can fulfill the staffing requirements).

Non Exhibiting Members may sell unframed prints and cards in the Gallery, and may have print portfolios available for viewing in the Gallery. Non exhibiting members may also staff the Gallery if they desire. Non exhibiting members may vote at the AGM, sit on the Board, and participate in committees.

Please note that there is a minimum one-year commitment with the first year’s payments being non-refundable.

  • One share in co-op $30, required for all membership levels (refundable upon leaving ViewPoint Gallery)

  • Exhibiting Member Fee: $100 monthly/$1200 annually If,however, you are applying before the end of our 2023 Membership Drive that ends October 31, 2023, the fee for the first one-year period will be $75 monthly/$900 for the first 12 months.

  • Student/Emerging Artist Member Fee: $50 monthly/$600 annually for the first year (or while a student) then $75 monthly/$900 annually for the 2nd (after graduation), $100 monthly/$1200 annually for the 3rd (after graduation))

  • Out of Town Member Fee: $75/$900 annually

  • Non-Exhibiting Member Fee: $50 monthly/$600 annually

  • Non-active Member Fee: $17.50 monthly/$210 annually (for members taking at least a 6 month leave of absence)

  • Solo Exhibition Fee for Gallery A: $150 (Upon acceptance of exhibition proposal)


  • Willingness to become an active participant in the co-operative framework and to commit to membership for a full year is an important consideration in reviewing the submissions of prospective new members.

  • Exhibiting Members, Student Members, and Emerging Artists must staff the Gallery for one day per month or pay a replacement sitter if unavailable ($10/hour; $50 per sitting). Student members under 18 may not sit the Gallery but are encouraged to participate on committees or gallery operations. Non exhibiting members are not required to sit, but may sit if they wish.

  • Support openings and other events.

  • Encouraged to attend the two yearly scheduled co-op meetings.

  • Sharing of tasks: e.g. exhibition planning, installation, hospitality, PR.


A letter addressed to the Board of Directors that includes:


  1. Your contact information (including e-mail address)

  2. The level of membership you are applying for (Exhibiting, Student Exhibiting, Non-exhibiting)

  3. Why you are seeking to join ViewPoint Gallery.

  4. Where you see your role in the Gallery, (i.e programming, membership, exhibition or marketing)

  5. A brief artist statement, detailing your artistic practice and process. If you are applying for an Exhibiting Membership, your artist statement should focus on the body of work included with the submission

  6. A selection of 10 to 20 exhibition quality prints, professionally packaged (print bags or portfolios).  For Exhibiting Membership, the print submission should be one or two series of images on a single theme, subject or project.


The Membership Committee will be considering your portfolios with the following criteria in mind (a copy of the checklist used to evaluate submission is available here.):


  • Engaging body of work (aesthetics)

  • Exposure, focus, print quality (technical)

  • Willingness to grow as a photographer and interest in participation in the Gallery

  • Professional Presentation 

Submissions should be addressed and hand delivered/mailed to

The Board of Directors, c/o the Membership Committee

ViewPoint Gallery

1479 Bedford Highway #109

Bedford, NS, B4A 3Z5

Portfolios will be reviewed and responses will be provided in writing. 

Portfolios may be picked up during regular Gallery hours after the review process is complete.

Phone: 902.420.0854

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