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Submissions Guidelines for Exhibitions (updated 2018)

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ViewPoint Gallery usually display two kinds of shows:


SOLO/GROUP/GUEST EXHIBITIONS with a theme or focus

MONTHLY MEMBER EXHIBITIONS presenting assorted members images


New exhibitions are presented monthly, year-round.

Gallery Floor Plan

Solo shows may use one of three parts of the gallery, providing wall space ranging from 34'9" to 29' to 20'. Pleas specify in your solo show application which of the three wall layouts you wish to use for your exhibition..


Height of walls: 10'
Type of lighting: Natural and LED (3000K) *

Guest Submissions: External or Curated

Deadlines: March 15th for the next calendar year. Submissions are not reviewed before this date. The Programming Committee will Accept or Decline submissions.

Submission: All submissions for guest exhibitions must be mailed or dropped off in person to the Gallery during operating hours. Please package your submission appropriately. ViewPoint Gallery is not responsible for damage or loss of submission materials. Please label your submission package:

Guest Submission C/O Exhibition Committee

VirePoint Gallery

1475 Bedford Highway Unit 109

Bedford, NS

B4A 3Z5

Please include a self-addressed envelope with either sufficient Canadian postage or sufficient International Reply Coupons if you wish your submission returned. Without an SASE ViewPoint Gallery will not return submission packages and will dispose of submission materials appropriately.

Required Contents of Submission:

  1. Exhibition title, artist’s statement (150-250 words)

  2. Artist’s bio(s) and/or CV(s)

  3. 10-20 images in work print (minimum size 8”x10”) or digital format (maximum 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high in sRGB colour space) to support the proposal

  4. Image list for the above; must include the title, year, medium and dimensions (framed and unframed) for each image

  5. 4-8 exhibition-quality prints with minimum image size of 8”x10” (these do not need to be the images or size proposed for the exhibition, but images reflecting the quality and character of the work to be exhibited)

  6. Description of the printing, framing and matting method for the prints as well as the proposed exhibition installation, including the number of works, space required and any unusual installation requirements

Responsibilities of the Exhibitor(s):

  1. $150 non-refundable exhibition fee; payment is due on confirmation of the exhibition date. If payment is not received within 30 days of notification, the date reserved will be forfeited

  2. Brief (2-3 sentences) artist statement and 3-4 digital images (6” on the long edge @300 dpi, sRGB) for PR use must be provided within 30 days of the exhibition’s acceptance

  3. Shipping, insurance and costs related to delivering the artwork to and from the gallery (including all import duties, charges and taxes where applicable).  The artwork must arrive at least 2 weeks prior to the installation date.

  4. Must be available for an artist talk at 2 pm on the second Sunday after the opening (excepting statutory holidays in which case the talk will be rescheduled), in person or via technology. If required, the date may be shifted to the opening weekend

  5. Attendance at the opening is encouraged, but not required

Responsibilities of Gallery:

  1. Creation and distribution of media materials (gallery poster & optional rack card)

  2. Create (at artist’s discretion) and distribute Press Kit.

  3. Hosting opening reception and facilitating artist talk

  4. Staffing gallery during regular hours

Note: As a non-profit organization the Gallery is unable to pay artist fees. ViewPoint Gallery will take care with exhibition materials; however, cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss. Work displayed in ViewPoint Gallery is not insured.

Exhibition Preparation Timeline


  • Within 30 days of acceptance, pay exhibition fee to the gallery and provide a 2-3 sentence artist statement and 3-4 images to Exhibitions Committee

  • 3-6 months prior to opening – make final selection and print images for show, and plan the layout (Gallery plans are available on the website)

  • 3 months before opening – provide images for window poster and optional rack card

  • 2 months before opening – provide a press kit, or provide the Exhibition Committee with material (2-4 images, 7” on the long side, 300 ppi, sRGB JPEG), current artist statement (1 page maximum), artists bio (50 words) to produce a press kit for the exhibition

  • 7 weeks before opening – submit rack card images to the Exhibition Committee

  • 2 weeks before opening – work arrives at gallery

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