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Thursday - Sunday

Noon - 5pm

2023-06 Counting the Walls.jpg

For each of us early life experiences and traumas produce long term conditioning, constructed ways of dealing with reality and going through life. Counting the Walls intends to shed light on these psychological spaces where we often wander unconsciously and which make us a prison to ourselves.

Through a first-person perspective viewers are invited to reflect upon the relationship between physical and psychological spaces as a first step in identifying personal prisons.



IPC Winner


Acquainted with the Night explores the capacity for storytelling of street photography at night. The night aesthetic, with its unique beauty and moodiness, can elevate the most mundane activity or setting into something with greater mystery and potential.  As a photographer Jane’s images portray stories of the night in two settings – Canada and Mexico.  The images reflect her practice of regular walks through her community and her travels throughout Mexico.

2023-08 These Hands.jpg

Hands are the physical tools of the imagination. They can make our creative thoughts come to life in a physical form. They bring us tactile information from the world around us and lets us connect with things most precious.

This photographic journey will explore many hands of friends and family.


Saturday, June 3, 2023

10am to Noon

Print reviews are open to the public! Bring your prints (any size, framed or not) for a review led by a Gallery Member. If you've ever wondered what others think of your work but were too shy to ask or always received the dreaded "It's nice" response, this is your opportunity. We hope to see you there!

While masking is no longer required, all participants are encouraged to wear masks during the print review, for the safety of all participating.

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ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition June 2023

Since 2013, ViewPoint Gallery has held a competition open to photographers located in any country around the world, with no restrictions on subject matter. The images are reviewed by an independent jury, and the winning 12 photographs are displayed through the year at ViewPoint Gallery.

IPC 2023-06.jpg

New Year Offering

Aardenburg & De Vries (Netherlands)

Artist Statement

Australia is known for its beautiful, varied landscapes and grandness. I made a roadtrip of over 4,500 kilometers straight through the outback; from Adelaide, via Alice Springs, to Brisbane. Here, in addition to the beauty of this immense land, the pollution caused by man was striking. Wherever I stopped it was littered with waste, from plastic bottles to cans, from fast food wrappers to glass. In parts of the outback, fires had raged before, which is not surprising given the amount of litter. 
Plastic does not decompose, it gradually breaks down into smaller and smaller plastic parts. All those pieces never decompose and are really everywhere: in water, soil and air. Cans are also polluting. Sometimes there is a thin layer of plastic on the inside. And the ink and coating of the container can be harmful to the environment. Glass in the burning sun can cause new forest fires to start. 


Jacqueline and Rosanne together form photography duo Aardenburg & De Vries and are based in the Netherlands. The themes that are central to their photography are sustainability, up-cycling and an open mind. They make documentaries about (litter) waste and also create settings for their own fine art photos. These photos always have some absurdness or surrealism in them.

2023-09 Behold Roxanne Smith.jpg


An exhibition by Roxanne Smith

Exhibition: Sept.7- Oct.1, 2023

Opening: Thursday, Sept.7, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Sunday, Sept.17, 2pm

“A picture is a worth a thousand words”, or so we keep saying. But how many words are excluded?

A photograph is an image of a fraction of the scene where/when it is located. The full sense of the location is never revealed. What is to the left? To the right? Behind? What part of the story of the location/event is being left out?

This exhibition attempts to add some of the words that have been left out.

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