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Thursday - Sunday

Noon - 5pm

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Re- is a prefix used to indicate repetition or withdrawal. The NSCAD Photography Club comes together in Re- through the strong connection between language and photography to explore the flexibility of language and image. Artists in Re- communicate their unique perspectives using diverse methods and approaches to language within the photographic arts.

The Artist Talk, scheduled for 2pm, Sunday, January 15,

is rescheduled to 2pm on Sunday, January 22, 2023



IPC Winner


ViewPoint Gallery and Lot Six Bar and Restaurant are collaborating to display work by ViewPoint artists beginning in August. Be sure to stop by Lot Six at 1685 Argyle Street in Halifax for a fine dining and fine art experience.


Saturday, February 4, 2023

10am to Noon

Print reviews are open to the public! Bring your prints (any size, framed or not) for a review led by a Gallery Member. If you've ever wondered what others think of your work but were too shy to ask or always received the dreaded "It's nice" response, this is your opportunity. We hope to see you there!

While masking is no longer required, all participants are encouraged to wear masks during the print review, for the safety of all participating.



A Group New Member Show

Exhibition: February 2-26, 2023
Opening: Thursday, February 2, 6-8pm
Artist talk: Sunday, February 12, 2pm

Every winter ViewPoint Gallery welcomes new exhibiting members with an exhibition that showcases their work. This year ViewPoint is excited and pleased to welcome Chris Kelly, Dean Hirtle, and Kim Ottenbrite.


Fielding Season/(Un)Solicited

A Guest Show by Vanessa Iafolla

Exhibition: March 2 - April 2, 2023
Opening: Thursday, March 2, 6-8pm
Artist talk: Sunday, March 12, 2pm

As complex as human beings might be, the online dating world distills us into a series of photos and prompts in order to attract attention. Through two linked bodies of work, Fielding Season and (Un)Solicited, I explore how much of ourselves we might be willing to show to attract another person. 

The subjects of these images are 1:6 scale dolls. I use dolls because I want to represent the archetypical, idealized representations of people that recur on dating apps, and dolls are their own kind of archetype or idealization of humanity.

ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition Jan. 2023

Since 2013, ViewPoint Gallery has held a competition open to photographers located in any country around the world, with no restrictions on subject matter. The images are reviewed by an independent jury, and the winning 12 photographs are displayed through the year at ViewPoint Gallery.


Sand Buddha

Marilyn Johnson (USA)

Artist Statement

I was inspired to start taking pictures while I was working with young artists. I watched them enjoy both the process of making art and the finished product.
I walk outside with my camera, look around, and start taking pictures.
I want to present things in a way that causes the viewer to stop, use their imagination, and think “that reminds me of….”; or stop when the photo causes them to laugh or feel a sense of peace, or experience some other emotion.
We have the technology to immediately capture whatever is in front of us. The challenge is for people to slow down; to question whether there is only one way to look at the item or idea in front of them; and to search for new meaning in something they may have seen before.



Marilyn Lowney Johnson has assisted teaching art to young artists for many years in Philadelphia, PA.

After submission to international, national, regional, and local juried competitions, her work was chosen to appear in group shows in galleries in Manhattan, NY; Maryland; Virginia; Washington, D.C.; Delaware; and Pennsylvania. It has also appeared in online group exhibits after juried competitions.

Before taking up photography full time, she traveled, worked first as a lawyer, then as an elementary school teacher, and always as a community volunteer. Along with taking pictures and teaching art, she spends time with her grandchildren.

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