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IPC Winner


Exhibition: February 3-27, 2022
Opening :
Thursday, Feb 3, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Sunday, Feb. 13, 2pm

Eclecticity is an exhibition of recent work by  thirteen ViewPoint Gallery members. Featuring work by Anne Bastedo, Eric Boutilier-Brown, Colin Chase, Ford Doolittle, Kathleen Flanagan, Terry Humphries, Pam Matthews, Allan NeilsenJane Oram, Ron Pitts, Roxanne Smith, Carl Snyder and Paul Haresign Williams.


Open Print Review

Saturday, February 5, 2022

10am to 11am

11am to Noon

Print reviews are open to the public! Bring your prints (any size, framed or not) for a review led by a Member. If you've ever wondered what others think of your work but were too shy to ask or always received the dreaded "It's nice" response, this is your opportunity. We hope to see you there!

Under current NS Health requirements, social distancing must be maintained during Print Reviews, so there will be two sessions (four people each). If you wish to participate, please register by e-mailing Eric Boutilier-Brown.

ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition January 2022

Every year since 2013, ViewPoint Gallery has held an International Photography Competition. Open to photographers located in any country around the world, there are no restrictions on subject matter. The images are reviewed by an independent jury comprised of experienced photographers, and the winning 12 photographs are displayed through the year at ViewPoint Gallery.


Exhibition: March 3- April 3, 2022
Opening : Thursday, March 3, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Sunday, March 13, 2pm

Patina hopes to explore the world of things old, used, discarded or waiting to be restored. We live in a very disposable society where things seem to be less and less repairable. Colin Chase is exploring the treasure nests of those who are working to restore, collect and preserve items from our mechanical past.

Private Lives, Public Spaces

Jane Oram



Lodiza Lepore (USA)

Artist Statement

If a new thought can enter the mind, even for the briefest moment, then change has a chance. Through this work Lodiza aims to deconstruct the American 'fog' & other fairy tales by exposing a critical view of the actual state of things, to reveal the true nature of human life stripped of pretenses that hide authentic feelings of loneliness, isolation & insecurity. Inspired by the notion that every split second is unique, she observes humans being human. She remains an observer, not a participant. Joan Didion remarked: “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”  Lodiza is interested in the reality behind the stories, and the gap between the reality and the story. Her images tend to depict stark contrasts between different things in the same image, or between what is depicted in the image and the story we tell ourselves.  That often results in what many people call surreal.  She calls it real.


Lodiza LePore is a self-taught artist whose background stems from traditional darkroom techniques. Her first experience in the darkroom was a sudden realization that she found a passion that called on her strengths rather than her weaknesses. In describing her work as ‘surreal’ and ‘edgy,’ she emphasizes her desire to force the viewer to confront reality in ways that lead to new assessments of how the broader culture and social institutions have such a divisive and corroding influence. The purpose of her work is to expose the harm people do to each other and bring awareness to the need for change. Her photographic vision has been featured on book covers and in several publications, and shown in U.S. galleries from coast to coast, including several European venues. She currently lives in Vermont.

Exhibition: April 7- May 1, 2022
Opening : Thursday, April 7, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Sunday, April 17, 2pm

Covid has been a reminder of our need for people and how we suffer when we feel disconnected and isolated. The pandemic experience has also reinforced for me the importance of community spaces where people can gather, see and engage with each other and hopefully find a greater sense of connection. Private Lives, Public Spaces will look at public spaces in two contexts – Mexico and the Halifax Regional Municipality and the similarities and differences in how people use and interact in them.


Exhibition: May 5 - 29, 2022
Opening : Thursday, May 5, 6-8pm
Artist talk: Sunday, May 15, 2pm

Surfacing is an exhibition of photographs focused on the meeting of water and skin. The beauty of the surface tension around the figure, the water drops on skin, and the light flowing across the body and water surface is at the heart of the show.