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Thursday - Sunday

Noon - 5pm


Fielding Season

A Visiting Artist Series Exhibition by Vanessa Iafolla

Exhibition: March 2-April 2, 2023
Opening: Sunday, March 5, 2-4pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, March 12, 2pm

As complex as human beings might be, the online dating world distills us into a series of photos and prompts in order to attract attention.  In Fielding Season I explore how much of ourselves we might be willing to show to attract another person. 

The subjects of these images are 1:6 scale dolls. I use dolls because I want to represent the archetypical, idealized representations of people that recur on dating apps, and dolls are their own kind of archetype or idealization of humanity.



IPC Winner


Saturday, March 1, 2023

10am to Noon

Print reviews are open to the public! Bring your prints (any size, framed or not) for a review led by a Gallery Member. If you've ever wondered what others think of your work but were too shy to ask or always received the dreaded "It's nice" response, this is your opportunity. We hope to see you there!

While masking is no longer required, all participants are encouraged to wear masks during the print review, for the safety of all participating.

Exhibition: April 6-30, 2023
Opening: Thursday, April 6, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, April 16, 2pm

In this exhibition Carl considers a dilemma that presents itself to artists, writers and musicians sooner or later – what to do with all the false starts, true beginnings and half-edited /unfinished projects that ceaselessly accumulate. What do they represent? Should they concern us? Are they as enduring as those works considered finished?


Wrecks and Ruins

by P. H. Williams

Exhibition: May 4-28, 2023
Opening: Thursday, May 4, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, May 14, 2pm

North America, with its insatiable appetite for all things new, leaves much of what was once valued to fall down or rust away. 

“Wrecks & Ruins “ presents images of these left-behinds of the consumer society to be viewed as "beautiful neglect”.

ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition March 2023

Since 2013, ViewPoint Gallery has held a competition open to photographers located in any country around the world, with no restrictions on subject matter. The images are reviewed by an independent jury, and the winning 12 photographs are displayed through the year at ViewPoint Gallery.



Jeff Moscow (USA)

Artist Statement

This photograph was taken in Kingsbrae Gardens, St. Andrews, NB in 2016 on a summer vacation that took us in a loop from Portland, ME to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and returning through New Brunswick. My interest is in composing images that have visual impact alone, using materials, reflective surfaces and architecture that can be transformed into a new expression by framing and flattening into an image; or to have both a visual and emotive impact by capturing moments where body language and gesture fit into the composition to communicate a clear moment of a story. Usually these objectives are achieved when the subjects are people, but in this case the moment presented itself with these good buddies.


I live in Washington DC. I was a news photographer in the mid-1970s and have continued exploring photography ever since. The photojournalism experience helped me learn to identify opportunities for combining composition and gesture for visual communication of a moment or a story. 


Exhibition: May 4-28, 2023
Opening: Thursday, May 4, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, May 14, 2pm

For each of us early life experiences and traumas produce long term conditioning, constructed ways of dealing with reality and going through life. Counting the Walls intends to shed light on these psychological spaces where we often wander unconsciously and which make us a prison to ourselves.

Through a first-person perspective viewers are invited to reflect upon the relationship between physical and psychological spaces as a first step in identifying personal prisons.

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