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A Group Member's Exhibition

January 5-31, 2021

In Janus VewPoint Members share work, new and old, on the theme of the ancient Roman deity of doorways and gates, and the protector of the state in times of war. Represented with two faces, one looking forward, and one looking back, Janus is a theme that can be interpreted in so many ways - as life/death, beginning/end, youth/adulthood, rural/urban, war/peace, and barbarism/civilization. Come and visit our gallery to explore the god whose name is immortalized in the month of January.

All necessary COVID restrictions and conventions in place



IPC Winners

​​​​​NewPoints 2021


A New Member's Exhibition


Feb 4 - 28, 2021

Opening: February 4, 2021 6-8pm

Street Life: Candid Portraits

A Solo Show by Paul Williams

March 3 - April 18, 2021

Opening: March 4, 2021 6-8pm

Open Print Review

10-11am and 11-Noon

Print Reviews will follow  COVID-19 precautions. All participants must wear face masks, and social distancing will be encouraged.

Each 1-hour print review session will be limited to 4 participants, and per-registration is required. Each participant will have up to 15 minutes for their print review.

Larger print sizes (12"x18" and above) are encouraged to facilitate fluid discourse and discussion, but any print size may be brought.

To register for the Print Review, please e-mail Eric Boutilier-Brown, and indicate if you wish to attend to 10-11am session, or the 11am-noon session.

10-11am Session:

11am-noon Session:

An exhibition of candid images taken on the city streets of North America and Europe before the current end of travel.


Looking forward to the return of such moments as these.

My Cuba

A Solo Show by Anne Bastedo
April 21 -May 30, 2021

Opening: May 6, 2021 6-8pm

Winter Photo Courses

Winter courses through are now scheduled, with classes offered during weekday mornings and evenings.


Precautions will be implemented to guard against COVID-19: enrollment is limited to 4 participants per class; physical distancing of two meters will be maintained; and face-masks will be required, as per Nova Scotia public health measures. 


Full details are provided on the website. 

This exhibit features photos taken on a photo trip to Havana, Santieras and Trinidad, Cuba. Many people have holidayed in Cuba and returned with standard holiday shots. Instead, in this show I share what I captured of the people and culture of this wonderful country.

ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition

Every year since 2013, ViewPoint Gallery has held an International Photography Competition. Open to photographers located in any country around the world, there are no restrictions on subject matter. The images are reviewed by an independent jury comprised of experienced photographers, and the winning 12 photographs are displayed through the year at ViewPoint Gallery.

January Winner

Best Cookies in New York

Xavi Rodriguez Magaña, USA


Artist Statement  This photo is a favorite from my photo series, Pod City, where I photograph New Yorkers wearing AirPods. In most cases like this one, I’ll see the AirPod first, and maybe find a story next. I was able to find a story here between these two chess players with various onlookers, playing on a cardboard box that read, “Best Cookies in NY”. With this series and the specific focus on AirPods, there’s a chance to zoom out and see a wide scope of people here in New York City. These photographs are meant to display New Yorkers of various backgrounds of class, race, age, gender, and beyond. One hope of mine is that the birds eye view of this collection brings a sense of unity - a message that we all share this city and its common experiences, from chaos to grace, together. 

Artist Bio Xavi Rodriguez Magaña studied filmmaking at New Mexico State University and photography at Santa Monica College. As a workshop presenter for Apple, Xavi taught professional photography and photo editing to photographers from all around the world. Having experimented in a wide range of arts from digital sketching to spoken word poetry, Xavi moved to New York City where he is currently focused on his photo series, Pod City — a street level look at present day NYC, choosing to focus on the ubiquity of Apple AirPods among New Yorkers. 

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