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Found Light

Astonishment is a lived-through experience of something unexpected, something not usual, something outside convention, that disrupts the busyness and unmindfulness of everyday existence. Photography provides us with opportunities to notice and be astonished; to see and be in the world differently.

Unpredmeditated. Urbanscapes, skyscapes and abstractions of everyday objects and places; colour and black-and-white. 


DSLR files refined through Photoshop and/or Lightroom. Printed with archival inks on matte and lustre  papers.

I have been making photographs for more than fifty years including landscape, portraiture, nature, still life, and street life. From 2000 to 2006, I studied and practiced Miksang photography, learning to look less deliberately and, as a result, learning to see more vividly, with fresh eyes. This contemplative approach to making images heightened my awareness of commonplace objects and allowed me to discover the joys of abstraction, two elements that have a strong presence in my work.

Periodicals: Zeugma, The Society, Toward the Light.
Book covers: Word Fishing, Combustion (including author image), All the Perfect Disguises  (including author image), The Art of Writing Inquiry.
$275.00 to $375.00

NEILSEN_VPG Web_ Red Chair
NEILSEN_ VPG Web_Red Bicycle
NEILSEN_ VPG Web_ CloudScape #2
NEILSEN_ VPG Web_This Isn't Over
NEILSEN_VPG Web_Beyond the Narows
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