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Emotion. Emotion. Emotion. Emotion trumps technical every single time.

No matter the genre, an image needs to make you feel something, to question something, to take you on a journey, to tell a story.


Kim’s heart and soul lies in the creation of moody, emotional, storytelling images. Her work, primarily focusing on portraits (although she creates in many other genres with the same philosophy), originates from deep within her. Rising up from emotional scars of a challenging upbringing, some destructive family relationships, and the angst of being an outsider for many years, this tapestry of experiences, has led Kim to identify with and create these types of images. She shoots from a very emotional place, from her heart, from what feels right, from what stirs something deep inside her. Kim loves and identifies with images, no matter the genre, that literally punch her in the gut with emotion, that make her catch her breath, that stop her in her tracks.


Most often Kim heads out on location with a muse or two, and a vague but fluid idea of what to accomplish. As they work together, ideas and feelings flow, drawing out expected and unexpected moments of emotions. She enjoys creating most often in natural light, but also ventures into studio settings as an interesting alternative. Kim particularly likes breaking many of the “photographic rules” in her search for uniqueness. She is creative with techniques including free lensing and use of filters of all kinds, as well experimenting with lenses (for example the Lensbaby Edge). Kim is equally comfortable in monochrome or colour, and probably enjoys the world of editing far too much.


Kim has had a camera of one sort or another in her hand since she was seven years old, collecting memories of people, places and adventures. It wasn’t really until she had a family of her own that she started gaining more interest in developing her photographic eye. Kim takes pride in her desire to learn and grow, and has completed (more numerous than to count) in person and online international photography workshops and tutorials, and has firsthand, experienced some of the country’s most talented and innovative photographers’ insights into being a creative artist. She is always learning, and her goal is to always be better and produce better work than she did the day before. Kim sees her own journey as a creative at a crossroads and is more than excited to see where her path and vision takes her body of work.


Prices vary by size, edition, framed or unframed.

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