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Narrows: St.John’s 2009- 2019

A solo exhibition by Allan Neilsen

Exhibition: November 7 - December 1, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 7, 6-8pm
Artist's talk: Sunday, November 17 at 2 pm

​Open to the Public - Free to Attend

Selected sights and sight lines of St. John’s harbour made by the artist from his hotel window during the past decade. 




​Holiday & Calendar Show

A member's group exhibition

December 2019

Open Print Review
Saturday, December 7, 10am - noon
Open to the public • Free to attend • An excellent way to strengthen your photography!

Open Print Reviews are open to photographers at any skill level. Bring your prints for a group review where passionate photographers will discuss your work with you, and provide feedback. Prints of approximately 8.5" x 11" or larger are recommended, but not necessary.

Say Cheese low-res.jpeg

ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition 2019

November 2019

Say Cheese

Daniel Heilig


About the Image

Up in the very north of Germany lies the island named Sylt, there is a landscape called “long elbow” as it looks like one. It is the northernmost landmark of Germany with a beautiful scenery. I went out for a long walk to see the two beautiful light towers there and on my way back I spotted this herd of sheep hanging around in the fields.


I was born on October 30th 1985 in Budapest, Hungary and moved to Germany at the age of two.

As I am a digital native, my first encounter with photography was actually Instagram. Initially, I used my smartphone to take snapshots of my everyday life,
but soon I started to discover photography as a tool to visualize my impressions while I was on holiday. For all these years my photos are characterized by mobile
photography, as I have been taking pictures with my smartphone only.

The reason why I was shooting with my smartphone is quite simple, it is immediate and reactive – it is all about capturing a moment. Additionally, a smartphone does not have all the technical capabilities, so I intentionally limit myself to only focus on the motif and not getting lost in all the parameters and functionalities of a proper camera.

For me, taking pictures is an opportunity to visualize my mostly travel-driven impressions and perceived feelings. I capture decisive moments and random
occurring incidents in everyday life and while traveling around without creating a posed appearance. A huge influence is certainly coming from street and candid

I started to adapt this concept when I was traveling around and find it quite interesting to keep this visualization concept while the cultural, geographical and architectural environment is constantly changing. An additional initial trigger was the fact that I was bored of both, the constantly recurring touristy pictures when people go sight-seeing and the corresponding self-displaying in front of places of interests.

I believe that whether it is the urban day-to-day life or the touristy journey of people, an aesthetical and artsy interpretation is possible. My dominant feature is focusing on the interaction between man and nature/urbanism and their proportion and alignment.

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