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Sharp focus is highly overrated.

I make wildlife photos and enjoy shooting action.  I like my images to have a loose, painterly style – elements of soft focus, blur, grain, bokeh; artistic attributes that I feel can better capture the mood and energy of a scene. Even in a still, I find that approach can warm a static pose and create more idyllic imagery.


For the last several years I’ve been doing a lot of “slow exposure pans” – panning with your subject using a slow shutter setting that ends up creating motion blur in the background and partially bleeds onto the subject.


I almost exclusively shoot using a 600mm


My professional background was in computer animation – four decades worth of animating and directing.  And yes, computer animation goes back that far.  Actually, that was around the time it was being born.


Midway in that timeline, Nelvana Studios,Toronto, acquired Windlight, Minneapolis, a company several colleagues and I built to do long-format animation, and we moved to Canada to develop Nelvana’s CGI department. Nelvana produces animated series for children’s television. I worked on Miss Spider, Care Bears, and Handy Manny, among other shows.  And I was privileged to be one of the directors on the two-time Emmy Award winning series, Rolie Polie Olie.


The photography started in 2004. I had moved to a home in the country with a big pond out back that attracted an inordinate amount of animals and birds. I could see there was wildlife art to be had so I invested in the gear and started shooting. 


I travelled around Canada and the US looking for wildlife photo opportunities.  Eventually I did a little exploring in Nova Scotia and when I retired in 2018, we decided to make the Maritimes our new home.

Print prices vary by size and edition.  Framed work is priced by the piece.

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pitts 600 skiimmer_M4D0989
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pitts 600 owl_M4D6517
pitts 600 eagle_M4D9578e
pitts 600 mallard_M4D9428b
pitts 600 crane M4D9636
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