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For me a print preserves a memory of what captivates one ‘at the moment’.  It is a way to visually and emotionally share that experience with others. That thought can apply to all forms of artistic expression, and for me, for over fifty plus years I have carried my camera with me whether at home, just strolling or in distant travels. My prints have over time rekindled many forgotten memories.

I document what I see around me as an abstract, a still life, a minimalist or in the natural world.  Both in colour and black&white.

Technique Canon 5D Mark 3.  Transferred to Lightroom on my computer for a little tweaking I then produce my own prints on an Epson printer using matte, fine art or semi-luster paper.


Largely self-taught in my early days when I wanted to capture memories of my own family.  More recently by attending photographic workshops and the ever ‘trial and error’


Usually $200.00 for a framed 18x24 framed print.

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