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Photography has become an invaluable creative outlet for visually integrating a life-long interest in the arts and sciences, coupled with socio-environmental curiosity. It enables me to express my personal “ways of seeing” (Berger, 1972), freeze this often emotive experience in time and share it with interested others.


Multiple exterior viewpoints, captured from dawn to dusk throughout the four seasons. Images range from minutely-detailed still life (e.g. rocks, plants and ice) to wider-angled atmospheric seascapes and vegetated landscapes etc. A main focus has been on the interplay of orderly vs

chaotic natural processes - expressed as variations in pattern, colour, form and tone. Additional subjects include the changing architecture of e.g. downtown Halifax’s evolving urban cityscape, plus  its social consequences.


Studio work is conducted mostly at night, generally whilst listening to favourite ear candy. Computer-based post-processing methods vary from straight-out-of-the-camera minimalism to nerd-quality image stitch and stack. I have also been known to dabble in multi-image manipulation such as mirror flipping and/or rotation


Initially 35mm colour and b&w film (1975+) then (post-2003) mainly DSLR digital photography - using Canon camera systems. Favourite components of which include a loyal 90 mm macro lens and well-travelled supportive tripod. Image processing skills grew slowly - mainly through trial and error via early versions of Adobe Photoshop - shortly to be overtaken by the speed of Adobe Lightroom. And I’m constantly learning from other artists kind enough to share their knowledge.

Currently living by the sea in Halifax, NS having maintained a strong interest in natural history since my early fossil-hunting days growing up in southern England during the 1960s. The succeeding decades were spent studying/researching/working as a geologist throughout various parts of Europe, Asia and North America. Largely self-taught, as a retiree I am now aiming to communicate more widely key elements of a diverse photographic portfolio. These include selected fine art pieces, many of which originated within the province of Nova Scotia.


Principal photographer for the Halifax-based Sculpture Nova Scotia 2015 project. Various published earth science/botanical image contributions plus selected stock material available under license.

Negotiable with client(s) for quality signed, limited edition prints - according to size and framing style requirements. Will also consider selective image usage for charity awareness and fund raising.

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