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Jennifer Modigliani’s photography attempts to illicit an emotional response to life’s mystery. Years ago, Sebastiao Selgado shocked and enchanted her with his mastery of the iconic and symbolic image. Whether she is photographing missions, research at sea, Asian life, religious ceremonies or trees, a sense of mystery is the common denominator. The viewer embraces a surprise and a sense that there is more to the image. She nudges the viewer in an emotional direction with the use of colour, line and text.

documentary, unpremeditated.

Jennifer has always been interested in the “sensation” of the moment and never in “the plan.” Thus, she does not use a tripod in the field. Her work has nearly always been a response to “an ethereal moment.”

Jennifer’s childhood was characterized by nearly constant movement, and a physicist father who used a Leica and darkroom. She started in Art at University, got an MA in Anthropology and finally a diploma in photography. Following this she started a travel company, traveled extensively and made images for the company. In the last 4 years, she has worked at her own projects exclusively.

All printed work was produced during my 20 years of professional work in Victoria, during which I worked for several magazines and produced my own personal work as well.

Signed & numbered prints
                              Unframed            Framed
8”x10”                       $150.                      $200.
11”x14”                      $300.                     $375.
11”x17”                      $325.                      $650.
16”x24”                     $400.                     $800.
24”x36” or larger    $725. and up        $900. and up

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