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I am fascinated by patterns of perception and how photography can challenge how and what people see.  While familiarity and daily routines can dull our vision and render us indifferent to our surroundings, photography can potentially sensitize us to beauty, e and enhance our connection to people and nature. A daily practice of photography is for me, a meditation.  I love to create images that highlight the beauty of the ordinary, both in local landscapes and in street life.

I am constantly taking or composing images whether or not I have a camera. Although a generalist, I am drawn to street and travel photography and to minimalist landscapes.  My style is responsive and reflects a daily routine of walking and immersion in nature and in my community. My camera is a constant companion. I look for atmospheric settings and for environments where I am likely to encounter interesting light, colour and form.


I travel light, using one camera and one or two lenses. I photograph with both a Canon full frame and most recently a Fuji mirrorless camera. Occasionally I also use my iPhone.  I use a variety of focal lengths.  For landscape work, I love wider focal lengths in my l as they create a sense of space and openness. For street photography, I use a 35-50mm focal length which allows me to react to my environment, anticipate events and capture moments.  I primarily work in colour, although I enjoy black and white, especially for street photography. Printing is an important element of my workflow and I produce cards and prints in a range of sizes.


Learning photography has been an organic process. I have taken a number of courses through which have been crucial to my development. Over the last two years I have also expanded my learning through online workshops and resources.


Signed limited edition prints

Price variable by size and image

Oaxaca Street
Rainbow Haven - The Curve
Morning walk - Varanasi
Looking out - Varanasi
La Manzanilla store - looking in
Flocking - Conrad Beach
Dawin - Rainbow Haven Park
Fall morning - Rainbow Haven
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