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Photography is the excuse I use to experience the early hours of the day - meeting like-minded souls along the way

I am most comfortable making images of artificial landscapes, where a careful attention to detail and beautiful light can render the mundane extraordinary.


Capitalizing on the convenience of the digital photographic process but with large format analogue envy.


Shooting in low light conditions typically  necessitates a tripod which, in turn, leads to a slow and methodical approach. But the stabilization technology available in modern digital cameras allows some latitude for hand held shots too, to capture impromptu scenes.


Upon finding a neat composition of elements, I will often make repeat visits to render scenes in different conditions.


Always drawn to cameras as desirable objects in their own right, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t making photographs. Even if they may have been simply holiday snaps. Though this is probably a somewhat meaningless thing to say in the age of phones in our cameras, when the volume of photography must be the largest it’s ever been. The advent of the digital darkroom has allowed me greater control of the creative process and has deepened my love of photography.

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