Evolving Beauty

Art often shows the marvellous in the common place, and this is what Eric strives to do with his photography, offering the viewer insight into something new, yet undeniably familiar.

Eric’s work consistently utilizes careful compositions and frequently takes advantage of advanced camera and post production processes to create incredibly detailed, nuanced images. His primary subjects are the Nude and architecture, in infrared, traditional black and white or colour. He has also explored working with flowers and close-up abstracts in colour.

Eric’s work has always been dependent on meticulous technique; he is a ritualistic photographer who find process both comforting and integral to his work. For Eric, photography is not something that just happens, it is something that must be fostered and nurtured, through dedicated attention and passionate practice.

Eric has worked with a wide variety of camera formats, with both film and digital. Since 2005, he has used digital single-lens reflex cameras, working with both visible and infrared light. Eric frequently utilizes multi-image techniques (stitching, stacking, blending) to realize his images,

Eric’s film photography (1986-2005) was done with a variety of cameras formats from 35mm to 12”x20” view cameras. Select vintage darkroom prints are available upon request.

Eric grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he lives and works. Involved with the Arts from an early age, Eric began photographing at the age of 17, before attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, from which he graduated in 1995. Since 1991 Eric has been pursuing his fine art photography, and in 1995, he began displaying his work in an extensive web site on the Internet. Since 2006, Eric has taught photography full-time.


COVER ART AND REPRODUCTIONS: The Atlas of Contemporary Erotic Photography, Free Flow, The Mammoth Book of Erotic Women in Photographs, The AVA Guide to Outdoor Photography, Outdoor Lighting: Nudes, Have not Been the Same, Better Picture Guide to the Nude.

MAGAZINES: East Coast Gardener, PhotoArt (Best of 2006), Moist, Popular Photography and Imaging Magazine, NZ Magazine, Art Photo Akt, Visual Arts News, Wisconsin Review, Jobo Quarterly and Photosynthesis.

Signed & numbered prints
                                               Unframed       Framed
Décor Prints(~8”x12”)                    $180.               $250.
Display Print (~12”x18”)                 $350.               $450.
Exhibition Print (~16”x24”)            $600.               $750.
Showcase Print (~24”x36”)           $900.             $1100.

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