For me photography is a tool for the exploration of the world of visual experience. It is a way of helping me see beyond habitual patterns and assumptions. It is a contemplative extension of 40 years of formal meditative practice.

My photographic work is very personal and intimate. I avoid any kind of competition or comparison with others’ styles. In this regard, I do not enter photo contests, or submit my work for media publication, as this would distract me from being present in the moment with regard to what I’m seeing. It’s good to have my mind present and free from preconceptions. For authenticity, I do not use post-processing techniques to create idealized “artistic” renditions of my images.


I am alert and relaxed as photographic opportunity appears. Still photography is about a particular experience of a moment in time. It’s good to have a camera at hand. I can’t go back and duplicate an image that I saw when I didn’t have a camera. It might be very similar, but it’s always different. 


It’s good to be familiar with the camera equipment with regard to its possibilities and limitations in a particular setting.


I’ve personally studied with Michael Wood, Freeman Patterson, Andre Gallant, and Eddie Soloway. I’ve paid careful attention to certain photographic masters: Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston, David Douglas Duncan, Wynn Bullock, and Elliott Erwitt. 


I am one of the founding members of ViewPoint Gallery and have exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. 


Images can be printed in various sizes at customers’ request.

Prices are negotiable to mutual satisfaction.

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