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Colin Chase considers himself fortunate to live in a beautiful part of Nov Scotia. The landscape, farming and the sea are the dominant themes that drive his photography. Colin enjoys how they have formed the Valley and how they intersect in graceful lines of shape and colour.


Sometimes documentary and sometimes abstract, depending on the light, mood and setting.


Colin uses Nikon DSLR cameras and lenses which are mounted on a tripod most of the time.


Colin Chase grew up in Port Williams, Nova Scotia. Largely self-taught, he began snapping pictures with his trusty Kodak Instamatic while in elementary school. He soon graduated to 35mm and decided that he

wanted to be a photographer when he grew up. After 33 years as an educator, mostly in the Hants West area, he finally semi-retired to be able to devote more time to photographing the beautiful scenery in the Annapolis Valley.

Colin has participated in photography seminars and workshops presented by Freeman Patterson, André Gallant and Sherman Hines. In 1987 he won first prize and an honourable mention for two photographs in the ‘One Day in the Life of Halifax’ photo contest sponsored by Carsand Mosher Photographic. He won ‘Best Photograph Printed by Entrant’ in the 1988 Camera Canada College photo competition.

He is currently mentoring with Berwick photographer David James of OutTakes Photography, who is a Nationally Accredited Member of The Professional Photographers of Canada.

He is a founding member of the Tides Contemporary Art Gallery in Kentville which opened in November 2019. This is a cooperative venture under the direction of Bob Hainstock (a founding member of ViewPoint Gallery!).

Colin resides in Kentville with his wife, Isabella, and their black lab, Lucy

Prices starting at $100.

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Tractor Small
Red Leaves Small
Red Blue Small
Field by 101 Small
Delhaven Small
Blomidon and Grand Pre Church in Winter
Blomidon Small
Blue Small
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