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Be open minded and curious with regard to subject matter for photography. Be receptive to what draws you in.


Most of the images I make are taken when I am walking or hiking outside in all seasons. Enjoying the natural world often is as much my objective as taking photographs.


My main camera is a Pentax K-3 II. My main lens is an 18-250 mm. Most of my photos are taken handheld but I do use a tripod sometimes.


As a teenager I became interested in photography, mostly landscapes in nature. I like to walk outdoors and take a camera along most of the time through all seasons, being open to capture images that present themselves along the way as well as seeking out specific subject matter. My camera is always with me when travelling.

Over time, my photographic interests have broadened to include photo journalism, architecture and creative images, in particular, use of ICM (intentional camera movement).

In terms of learning from other photographers, Freeman Patterson has had the most influence on my approach to photography.

I have been a member of the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia, including two terms as President, since 2004. I have been a member of the Canadian Association of Photographic Art since 2005. My skill level and scope of interest in photography have benefited during this time.

When I am making photographs, time flies and I am energized. My exploration and evolution as a photographer continue.


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