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I love the way photography enables us to take a second look at the world around us. For me, the act of taking a picture is all about enjoying the opportunity of seeing the world with fresh eyes. I hope that anyone seeing my work will be able to share in that moment.

Most of my photography is in some way nature photography, from close-up photos of plants and insects to panoramic seascapes. I’m continuing to learn: I take a lot of photographs and I experiment with different approaches to the subjects that catch my eye. Over time, however, I’m finding that the photos that I’m happiest with are becoming simpler in every way. Most of my work is either in black and white or uses a very limited colour palette. 


I almost always have a camera at hand. Out on a hike or a dog walk, I rely on a wide-angle lens with a close-focusing adapter – this way there always seems to be something worth photographing, whatever the light or weather. I’ve also gone back to film photography for some of my work. I find that working within the constraints of film has helped me see tones and colours in new ways and that has strongly influenced my digital work.


I’m a writer and researcher specializing in human rights. Over the last three decades, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside extraordinary activists and communities in their efforts to protect the cultural landscapes in which they live. This has opened my eyes to the ways we relate to our everyday environment – and how readily that relationship can be disrupted or taken away.


Unframed prints from $200.

Framed prints from $300.

Taylor Head Park
Beech leaf
Rainbow Haven Beach
Glacial erratics.
Polly Cove
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