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ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition July 2024 winner

Bear Sushi

Max Dobens


The ViewPoint Gallery holds an annual jury-reviewed photography competition with one winning print displayed in our gallery each month.

For June 2024, we are featuring a photograph by Max Dobens.

Artist Statement:

I create images because it makes me happy.

Photography transports me back to simpler times growing up in the peaceful and serene upstate town of Hamilton, NY. As a young boy, the abundance of wildlife and natural landscapes provided endless fascination. I vividly remember watching sunlight weave its way through the leaves or pondering the intricate dance of light on snow-covered ground.

Reflecting on those cherished memories, I realize that my deep connection to nature has shaped my path as a photographer. I am a nature photographer driven by an inherent desire to share this profound beauty with others. It's not just about capturing images; it's about conveying the overwhelming power of nature and the joy it brings me.

My mission is to bring tranquility and beauty into your home with captivating nature photography.



Max Dobens - Bear Sushi 18x12.jpg

Originally from Hamilton, NY and holding a B.A. in Business from Michigan State University, Max's journey in photography has largely been self-guided, devoid of formal training. Throughout the years, he has cultivated and perfected his own style and techniques, untouched by external influences. His strength lies in being self-taught.

Max has an innate curiosity that drives him to create images that are not in plain sight and from a perspective that departs from the ordinary. He continuously scrutinizes scenarios and potential compositions, tirelessly striving to achieve the optimal result.

In November 2020, Max permanently moved to Valencia, Spain, as part of his quest for an enhanced quality of life, adopting a "Do What Makes You Happy" philosophy.


As an award-winning nature photographer in the medium of digital photography, Max has his portfolio showcased on, publishes his monthly Blog - the Tripod Traveler, and select works of his are periodically featured in gallery exhibitions in the US, Canada and Europe.

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