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Noon - 5pm

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Hands are the physical tools of the imagination.  They can make our creative thoughts come to life in a physical form.  They bring us tactile information from the world around us and lets us connect with things most precious.  

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IPC Winner

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An exhibition by Roxanne Smith

Exhibition: Sept.7- Oct.1, 2023

Opening: Thursday, Sept.7, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Sunday, Sept.17, 2pm

“A picture is a worth a thousand words”, or so we keep saying. But how many words are excluded?

A photograph is an image of a fraction of the scene where/when it is located. The full sense of the location is never revealed. What is to the left? To the right? Behind? What part of the s
tory of the location/event is being left out?

This exhibition attempts to add some of the words that have been left out.



A Member's Exhibition

Exhibition: October 5-29, 2023

Opening: Thursday, October 5, 6-8pm


Saturday, August 12, 2023 (due to holiday)

10am to Noon

Print reviews are open to the public! Bring your prints (any size, framed or not) for a review led by a Gallery Member. If you've ever wondered what others think of your work but were too shy to ask or always received the dreaded "It's nice" response, this is your opportunity. We hope to see you there!

While masking is no longer required, all participants are encouraged to wear masks during the print review, for the safety of all participating.

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As an Exhibiting Member you would be part of a supportive photographic community and have opportunities to connect with and learn from people who share your passion.  You could display your images in a professional setting and develop your skills in fine art printing, exhibition, curating, and more.


For information about ViewPoint and details on the application process, follow this link. We look forward to hearing from you.

ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition August 2023

Since 2013, ViewPoint Gallery has held a competition open to photographers located in any country around the world, with no restrictions on subject matter. The images are reviewed by an independent jury, and the winning 12 photographs are displayed through the year at ViewPoint Gallery.


Street Tango

Michel Daumergue (France)

Artist Statement

That day… Coming out of the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, I first heard the music in the Cour d’Honneur of the Palais de Tokyo. I then saw this singular couple dancing. The lady was simply taking a tango lesson! It was a nice surprise that came after months of painful confinement... In this particular setting, their concentrated, studious presence was really gratifying. Only the masks betray the circumstances of these moments that we have all suffered. Then all that remained was to try to capture the simple elegance of their movements in the somewhat intimidating architecture of the building.


In my life, including my professional life, photography has occupied a special place. I was able to link this personal practice to those required by my job (teacher of plastic arts).
I do not favor any photographic genre and consider photography first as a work on two-dimensionality - colors, values, materials, lines and composition - from lived reality. Letting myself be guided by chance, I am finally tempted by everything that can make photography, a singular object that allows this reality to be transfigured, including in its most banal aspects. I also approach other more visual approaches that allow me to broaden my research. Photography in its digital versions offers almost infinite possibilities.
I participated in various collective or solo exhibitions that can be found on my website (Exhibitions/News tab). Over the days you can also follow me on FB (Michel Daumergue).

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