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Sandy Caines
Exhibition: March 1 -April 1 2018
Opening: Thursday, March 1st, 6-8pm
Artist's talk: March  11th at 2 pm
Open to the public • Free to attend


Totems is a series of photographs created over more than a decade, brought together by how they have been finished, as opposed to their subject matter.

Totems are created by combined two identical images flipping one left to right or top to bottom, and superimposing it against the other. This creates fantastic compositions quite different from their sources.  

Caines is enthralled by all the little figures, faces and creatures that she finds within the Totems. They open portals to new worlds of strange and mysterious shapes; both primal and animalistic. When making Totems, she feels like she have entered whole new dimensions.

Image by Frederuci Odello

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