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ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition June 2024 winner

Great Grandma on the Tie-Dye Rack

Norm Diamond


The ViewPoint Gallery holds an annual jury-reviewed photography competition with one winning print displayed in our gallery each month.

For June 2024, we are featuring a photography by Norm Diamond. 


Instagram: @norm_diamond

Artist Statement:

I became a fine art photographer late in life, after a long career as a physician. Making art required using a different part of my brain, which has enabled me to explore my inner self and expand my worldview. In my first project, I photographed estate sales. The poignancy, humor, and irony I saw in the various items for sale resonated with me. I realized that themes of memory, loss and mortality had roots in my past and would become the focus of my photography.

As for “Great Grandma on the Tie-Dye Rack,” I came across this scene in a “head shop” in Maine in 2014. Atop the rack where the owner created his colorful tee shirts stood an old black and white portrait of his stern-looking great grandmother. The juxtaposition of the nineteenth century photograph with the array of paint splatters demanded a photograph.




After a long career as an interventional radiologist in Dallas, Texas, Norm Diamond studied with many wonderful teachers and transformed his love of photography into a second career. His work explores themes of memory, loss, and mortality. In 2016, he began photographing hundreds of estate sales, where the possessions of one generation are sold to the next. Daylight Books published What Is Left Behind – Stories from Estate Sales in 2017. In Doug’s Gym, Diamond chronicled the last six months of a dilapidated, yet somehow beautiful old gym. The physical decay intrigued him as did its octogenarian owner, Doug Eidd, a character from a bygone era. Kehrer Verlag (Germany) published Doug’s Gym in 2020.

Diamond’s work has received several awards and has been exhibited in multiple solo and group shows. The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas acquired his photographs of the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

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