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Angela is a passionate photographer who uses photography to experience the world around her and uses her camera to discover her creative vision and share her ideas with others.


Angela’s primarily photographs a world that could fit in the palm of her hand, but also focuses on larger elements of form, texture and symmetry in both man-made and natural environments. Her creativity comes from a desire to photograph that which is often unseen (the minute details) and she seeks to draw and focus the viewer’s eye to specific points of interest.

Angela works with a digital SLR camera, and is obsessed with the ability to make large prints with incredible details. As a result, she frequently incorporates multi-image techniques (stitching, stacking, blending) to perfect her photographs. 


Angela is a photographer who lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia. During her day, she works as a Compensation Consultant, spending her time analyzing, designing, consulting, and providing advice. In her free time she uses photography to learn how to be more creative, and to explore her creative side by using her camera and perfecting post-production techniques.

Angela has been a member of ViewPoint Gallery since April 2012.

Signed & numbered prints
                                                      Unframed                 Framed
Décor Prints (~8”x12”)                         $120.                     $200.
Display Print (~12”x18”)                       $200.                    $350.
Presentation Print (~16”x24”)             $350.                    $500.
Showcase Print (~24”x36”)                 $750.                    $950.

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