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Photos in the Time of Corona


A group member's online exhibition

Exhibition: April 2 - May 31, 2020

​Open to the Public - Free to Attend

ViewPoint Gallery is not open because of the current global pandemic.  Although the physical gallery is closed, ViewPoint has chosen to create a virtual gallery. 


The exhibit’s title was inspired by the novel, Love in the Time of Cholera, by the Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Photos in the Time of Corona features the work of 14 ViewPoint members, all with diverse styles and perspectives.  The exhibitors, are Anne Bastedo, Eric Boutilier-Brown, Colin Chase, Michael Clutson, Ford Doolittle, Lynn Ellis, Kathleen Flanagan, Terry Humphries, Rick Lane, Sandy Leim, Allan Neilsen, Roxanne Smith, Curtis Steele, and Doug van Hemessen.  The photos reflect the wide range of emotions, thoughts, and hopes of the artists in these very strange and unusual times





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Unscheduled due to COVID-19

ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition 2019

April 2020

Connection Station

Tom Stahl


Artist’s Statement

Each August 70,000 people gather in a remote part of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for the
Burning Man festival. In this harsh natural environment, where temperatures can range from
freezing to 40 degrees Celsius and blinding dust storms are common, “burners” spend a week
building an alternative society based on art, inclusiveness, and self-expression.
I took this image at Burning Man in 2018, in a remote corner of the event, far from the camps
and art installations, on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The woman on the bench graciously
allowed me to take her picture. Was she waiting for a new connection, or just enjoying a
moment of solitude in the beautiful Black Rock Desert?


Artist’s Bio
I am an award-winning landscape, travel, architecture and Burning Man photographer based in
San Francisco. I take photographs because I like to document my explorations of the world;
because photography forces me to concentrate, focus, and live in the moment; and because I
hope every once in a while to create something of lasting beauty. My photographs have won
numerous awards, including a runner up in the Travel Photographer of the Year competition in
2017. They have been exhibited around the world, including in London, Berlin, Delhi, New York,
Miami and California.

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