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NewPoints: Coastlines by Michael Clutson

A new member's show

Exhibition: January 2 - February 2, 2020

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 2, 6-8pm
Artist's talk: Sunday, January 26, 2 pm
​Open to the Public - Free to Attend

The annual showcase of work by the newest members of ViewPoint Gallery, this year featuring the work of Michael Clutson.

Michael's interest in natural history - currently expressed through photography - began as a child growing up in a small seaside town on the English Channel.  His last 15 years, spent living in Halifax, have enabled him to discover that Atlantic Canada offers some impressive and interesting coastline vistas throughout all four seasons. This exhibition showcases Michael's favourite examples of where land meets sea in Nova Scotia, captured mostly throughout the past decade.




February 2020

Shifting Polarities; portraits of renewable abundance

DeeDee Morris

















These portraits explore fluid spaces within the intersections of gender and our connection with the non-human world (both organic and synthetic) from a range of masculine-identifying perspectives. 


March 2020

Winter Blues

Krista McCuish

Krista McCuish explores her fascination with ice using close up details and visual metaphor, to interpret its influence on our winter psyche.


April: 2020

Curtis Steele



Cuba from the Street

Anne Bastedo


During an intense 10 day trip, I photographed all day the people and places I saw on the streets of both Old Havana and Trinidad, Cuba. This show is comprised of the most representative of what I caught during that time.


June 2020

NSCC  Grad Show


July 2020

Time and Space

Michael Clutson

The photographs [to be] presented in this exhibition are designed to visualize the concept of time expressed in a variety of spatial environments. This may comprise implied movement, perspective(s) and/or tonal sensibility. Subjects range in age/duration from approximately half a billion years to less than one minute. Each having been captured in its physical journey through time and space as a static, two dimensional art form using relatively rapid camera shutter speeds and selective focussing.

Open Print Review
Saturday, Feb 1, 2020, 10am - noon
Open to the public • Free to attend • An excellent way to strengthen your photography!

Open Print Reviews are open to photographers at any skill level. Bring your prints for a group review where passionate photographers will discuss your work with you, and provide feedback. Prints of approximately 8.5" x 11" or larger are recommended, but not necessary.

Third Thursday Talk
Ron Pitts

Call of the Wild!

Thursday, Jan. 20, 2020, 7pm
Open to the public • Free to attend • An excellent way to strengthen your photography.

Ron Pitts will tell the stories behind his images from the pond in Ontario that first inspired him to photograph wildlife, along with work from his travels across North America.

ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition 2019

January 2020


Warren Maltzman


Artist’s Statement

The relationship of statues, virtually always immobile, with nearby people, generally not moving much, seems to animate both. Such juxtapositions have been a subject of my photography for over forty years.  A collection of images have been collected over the course of these years using various forms of capture. There have been many different human actors. Three of the eight images include “Riviere” by Maillol, photographed three times, in Paris and New York City over the course of the last forty years.  The image exhibited here was the first of these, taken at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1975.


Artist’s Bio

Warren Maltzman has had an interest in photography for most of his life.  While pursuing his studies in molecular biology he spent a good deal of time documenting the flora and fauna, including coastline and street musicians, of California.  After leaving school, life and career intervened.  He continued to use his various film cameras, and while moving from place to place bring with him an enlarger and all the paraphernalia of film photography, committed to someday building a permanent darkroom and seriously return to photography. By 2013 when he had both the time and space to build that darkroom, the intervening years had brought photography to the digital age. Warren was able to rekindle his love for photography using digital tools.  The ability of a black and white image to represent the texture, gestures, and light in the world continues to amaze him.


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